Chapter 4.11 – It’s About Time

Welcome back! This is the last chapter of house 4! Adalind still has 5 days left until her birthday, so we are going to three speed this shit!

Here we go!

Oh yeah, if you remember, last chapter Malik welcomed baby Laurel to the family!

Purple alien babies for the win!

With Hailey’s goals finished, I leave her on freewill most of the time and just watch the fam. And these two are super cutsie all the time!

We picked a good one!

This is the look of an internet troll . You know that’s not very nice, Adalind.

Adalind: But I’m right and they’re wrong!

No. Just stop.

Vasyl’s really good at taking care of Laurel. If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought she was his! He gives her so much attention!

Everyone was “Burning to death” inside the house during the heat wave, so we had to splurge and turn on the air conditioner.

Boo. Money.

Uh oh. Malik’s non-committal is showing. Weirdly though, it wasn’t because he was married. It was because of his job. I didn’t even know that was a thing! I thought it was strictly for marriages! So that was my fun fact of the day!

Aiden and Lucas came to visit!

Aiden is ROCKIN’ those shorts

And they even stayed for family dinner!

Wait… How is it they’ve been married this long and he’s just now learning her traits?

This requires further investigation.

Investigation Results: Apparently they don’t know anything about each other. I dunno how that happened. I wonder if they got reset or something? Because I find this hard to believe.

Laurel aged up and ohmygoodnesssheissocuteimgonnadie

Prepare for toddler spam

Daddy/Daughter playtime!


*sigh* I love wild toddlers. Wild toddlers are the BEST!

So apparently, Vasyl DOES have a real alien form. Which is weird because he didn’t in CAS, so I didn’t think he had one, but I just randomly clicked on him and decided to try it out. So he will now be walking about like this.

Say hello to the REAL Vasyl!

She’s got the artistic flair. But she’s so cute I can’t even be mad

Everyone dotes on Laurel. She literally is always in some sort of interaction with one of the family members. And their favorite thing to do is play with her. So she always ends up flying on someones back. But it’s cute so I don’t mind at all!

See? All the love.

Adalind is just waiting for her turn to go again lol

Uhhhhhhhhhhh, Hailey? This is worse than Adalind!

Caught her dunkin’! Adalind is such a baller!  (ha)


It’s about time! I’ve been waiting for this moment for DAYZ!

And we’re off to start house 5! ……in the rain……

10 thoughts on “Chapter 4.11 – It’s About Time

  1. Congrats!!! I hope Adalind has the best luck on her House 😀

    Also, maybe Vasyl felt more relaxed now he wasn’t the only Alien in the house so he let you see his true form? xD
    Actually this happened to me with my sim’s alien spouse a couple days ago! She didn’t had an alien form in cas but when I took her disguise she had it, and when I went into CAS again it showed both forma finally! it must be some kind of glitch


  2. You’ll like house five. 🙂 it’s a fun one. You certainly had a ton of alien abductions in this house. I still have yet to get an alien baby from an abduction and you just get showered with them. hehehe. Lucky you!


  3. Wait wait wait wait wait wait wut? There’s AC and heat? OMG. I had no idea. My Sims always have to wear their summer and winter clothes in the house or they complain. Where do you buy this? I need to know! And okay, okay – I’m glad you didn’t send Laurel back (not that I even know if it’s a possibility…) she’s adorable and clearly loved. You did a good job slimming down the Swift women! I’ve noticed women gain weight in this game really easily.


    • I think its under alarms? Or you can just search thermostat and you’ll find it lol.

      Yes, the really slimmed down! I know what you mean about weight gain. Plus is parents are big, kids are big. There is no inbetween


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